Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Urba Koncilio de Derry

…de la Derry Journal:

Derry City Council is to carry a logo with its English name translated into Irish and Ulster Scots.

The way was paved for the three-language logo with last week's adoption of Irish and Ulster Scots language policies by council members.

Derry City Council logos will be accompanied by the terms Derry City Council, Comhairle Cathrach Dhoire and Derry Citie Cooncil, although final confirmation on translation of name is pending from the Ulster-Scots Language Society.

The Irish language policy adoption will enable employees and members of the public to use their name and address in Irish and to speak Irish in all council buildings while the public can request all council services and all council information to be provided in Irish. All new internal and external signs on Derry City Council-owned buildings, offices, internal directional signs and vehicles will include English, Irish and Ulster Scots…

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