Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Brehonoj Koleriĝas de Kortuma Juĝo la Irish Echo:

The outcome of a judicial review involving the Irish language has been condemned by Irish speakers in Northern Ireland.

Irish language activists have vowed to fight on after a judicial review in a Belfast court last week found that the British government is not obliged to repeal an act prohibiting the use of Irish in courts in Northern Ireland.

And their plans have been backed by a representative of the Brehon Law Society who flew from the U.S to observe the court proceedings.

New York attorney Domhnall O'Cathain described the continuing court block on Irish as "a relic of the era of the oppressive Penal Laws."

Mr. Justice Treacy found Belfast man Caoimhín Mac Giolla Catháin could not challenge the 1737 Administration of Justice (Language) (Ireland) Act, which bars anything other than English to be used in courts in the North…
[* Gliogáil ar an iomha chun á mhéadú. ● Klaku sur la bildo vastigi ĝin.]

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