Friday, 17 July 2009

Manskalingvaj Klasoj


Manx Gaelic Classes using Saase-Jeeragh start in Douglas from August 2009.

Anyone who would like to 'ynsee Gaelg' - learn Manx - now has the perfect opportunity, as new classes start in August. For beginners, FREE daytime classes with Adrian Cain will take place every Friday from 12pm - 1pm at the Manx Museum. For those who already have a good grasp of basic Manx, a further class at the Museum from 1pm - 2pm is also an option. For more information, contact Adrian Cain on (01624) 838527 or (07624) 451098 or email

Evening classes at Isle of Man College, with Dr Brian Stowell, will soon be available too. For more information, contact Dr Stowell on (01624) 623821 or email

Saase-jeeragh is a methodology which uses best practice from elswhere, in particular Wales, and applies it to the learning of Manx Gaelic.

Suitable for adults, classes focus on speaking the language and involve little writing. Classes are fun, involve a great deal of student particiaptaion and are a great introduction to the spoken language.

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