Monday, 13 July 2009

Dr Barry Morgan

…de la Western Mail:

The Archbishop of Wales has used his role as day president of the International Eisteddfod to renew his call for the National Assembly to be granted full law-making powers.

Giving the presidential address at Llangollen, Dr Barry Morgan claimed a greater degree of self-determination could “go hand in hand with openness to other nations and people”.

“It is possible to be proud to be Welsh or Hungarian or Italian or whatever one’s nationality happens to be, and yet to realise that we belong to one common humanity,” he told the Eisteddfod.

“The two things are not incompatible. So for those of us who are Welsh, we have a new surge of confidence in today’s Wales, with the advent of the new Government of Wales Act of 2006 giving us a measure of self-government, coupled with the Welsh Language Act of 1993 which gave equality to the two languages in Wales for the first time since the Act of Union of 1536...

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