Thursday, 9 July 2009

Nova Kino por Galway

…de la Irish Film & Television Network:

A new cinema for the people of Galway took a step closer to becoming a reality when, the first sod was turned on the site, at 15 Lower Merchants Road, by Labour Party President and former Minister for Arts Michael D Higgins.

The move, which marks the start of the construction of Galway’s new ‘art-house’ cinema, which will show the best in international films, experimental films and Irish made features upon completion, and will also cater for students, schools, young people and senior audiences.

The cinema which will hold three screens, a ground floor café, a first floor bar and a video/bookshop is expected to open in 2010. There will be one below-ground cinema, a communal meeting area and a ticket booth situated between the old and new buildings.

It is intended that the cinema will screen films in the Irish language, documentary films, Irish-made films, independent worldwide features, classic cinema, archival cinema and retrospective cinema.

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