Thursday, 16 July 2009

“Kultura Ekvivalento de la Punaj Leĝoj” Irish Central:

The High Court in Belfast has upheld a 270-year-old ban on the use of the Irish language in court proceedings in the North.

Caoimhin Mac Giolla Cathain had taken the case after his application for an occasional drinks license was returned.

He was told that his application could not be considered because it was not in English.

Court officials said the
ruling came about because of an 1873 Administration of Justice (Language) Act said that “all proceedings in courts of justice within this kingdom shall be in the English language”…

…A report from historian Dr Eamon Phoenix said that the Act could "be viewed as a piece of discriminatory legislation directed at the mother tongue of the mass of the Irish population at that time. It is therefore the cultural equivalent of the penal laws.”…

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