Monday, 6 July 2009

Kimra kaj Klingona Lingvoj

…de la Daily Post:

Welsh speakers are more likely to be able to master the difficult Klingon language beloved of all Star Trek fans.

Computer expert Alex Greene of Wrexham, one of a select group of people who can speak Klingon fluently, believes that’s because the creators drew on several languages, including Welsh, for the intergalactic dialect.

The 46-year-old Star Trek fan said: “I do believe that if you can speak Welsh, you have an advantage where Klingon is concerned as some sounds are similar such as ‘ll’ and ‘ch’.”

Alex began learning the language in 1986 and took a year to master its intricacies.

He added: “Star Trek is one of my hobbies. My other hobby is languages.

“I have always enjoyed foreign languages, listening to them and communicating with them. Up to 1986 it had been French, Japanese and Esperanto...

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