Wednesday, 12 August 2009


…de la Holyhead Anglesey Mail:

Popular Welsh language band Celt have announced that all proceeds from their newly-released CD will be given away to charity.

The Bethesda-based group released the album, Cash is King, on August 1and it is a recording of the band's performance at last year's Sesiwn Fawr in Dolgellau.

The profits from the sales of the CD will then be donated to Sesiwn Fawr to try and help the festival pay off its debts.

Steven Bolton, who sings with the Celt said: "The band feels Sesiwn Fawr has always looked after them. The slot they were given in 2008, as the headlining Welsh language band, gave them their best gig so far, so paying back some of that gratitude seemed to be the obvious thing to do.

"We didn't think twice about donating all the proceeds to help out Sesiwn Fawr...

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