Friday, 21 August 2009

Michael D Jones a’i Wladfa Gymreig la Western Mail:

He inspired a generation of Welsh nationalists and without him the Mimosa would never have sailed to Patagonia.

But Michael D Jones is still regarded by many as a footnote in Wales’ national narrative.

A new book aims to put the 19th-century minister and colonist back in the spotlight, bringing together for the first time a collection of essays about the man who sacrificed his future and, ultimately, his family in pursuit of a Welsh utopia.

Dr Wyn James is a co-director at Cardiff University’s Centre for Welsh American Studies. He compiled the book with his fellow director, Dr Bill Jones.

Together, the essays mark years of research into the much-debated and argumentative minister, who had a key influence on the forerunners of modern Welsh nationalism, Emrys ap Iwan and OM Edwards...

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