Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Mná Tí Abú!

…de Highland Security:

Donegal Mna Ti to take part in "Bord Snip" protest Aug 26, 7:46 am

Mna Ti from all over Donegal are expected to travel to Galway next week to take part in a national protest over the Bord Snip recommendations to cut funding for summer Irish colleges.

The protest is being organised by the Federation of Irish Summer Colleges who believe that the industry could be wiped out if the proposals were to be implemented.

Irish language organisation Conradh na Gaelige is calling on all those involved to show their support on Tuesday.

President of the organisation Pádraig Mac Fhearghusa says Mna Ti in Donegal are already struggling to house students on a slim budget and any further cuts would have a devastating result.

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