Monday, 31 August 2009

Dr-o Mark Turin kaj la Kornvalalingvo

…de la Western Morning News:

More resources should be devoted to preserving traditional British languages such as Cornish, a University of Cambridge anthropologist has said.

Dr Mark Turin, a research associate in social anthropology, is heading up the World Oral Literature Project, which aims to create lasting records of traditional languages.

The project, in association with Cambridge University's Museum of Archeology and Anthropology, aims to capture the poetry, myths, stories and folk songs of ancient languages on a variety of media.

But although grants are being given to tribes and groups around the world, no money will be allocated to UK groups, although Dr Turin admits that along with Breton, Welsh and Gaelic, Cornish is a threatened language.

He said: "People often think it's often only tribal cultures that are under threat.

"But all over Europe there are pockets of traditional communities and speech forms that have become extinct.

"It is the domain of stronger nation states with better resources to look after their own indigenous tongues, through Welsh language TV and Breton literature.

"Given our small team, we are focusing on the indigenous people who do not have the funding to help themselves."…

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