Monday, 31 August 2009

Fajrego ĉe Kimra Kapelo en Pensilvanio la Morning Call:

An historic church in Carbon County was heavily damaged in an early morning fire.Firefighters were called about 5:05 a.m. to the former Welsh Congregational Church in Lansford and arrived to find flames consuming the interior of the wood-framed building. They remained on scene for about five hours…
….The church has not been used for services since the 1930s, but the building is considered one of the Panther Valley's historic treasures.
It is the oldest Welsh church in the region, founded by coal miners who settled in the Ashton section of Lansford in the 1800s.
The building, constructed with land and lumber donated by Lehigh Coal & Navigation Co., was dedicated Dec. 26, 1850 as the Old Welsh Church.

It became the First Congregational Church of Ashton in 1854 and later the English Congregational Church of Lansford to reflect a change from Welsh to English language services.

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