Thursday, 20 August 2009

Feis an Eilein

…de la Cape Breton Post:

Feis an Eilein, a six-day festival celebrating the traditions and culture of the Gaelic people and the songs, dance and milling frolics is in full swing, with most events taking place at the Christmas Island fire hall.

Feis is an opportunity for local residents and visitors alike to develop skills in the Gaelic language and listen to traditional music on a wide range of instruments.

“We are getting excellent numbers for our classes with students of all ages,” said Debi MacNeil, co-chair of this year’s event with Beth MacNeil. “We’re drawing good crowds for all our events.”

MacNeil said the combination of language and song is what makes the Feis work.

“It all revolves around having fun, that’s why we’ve been here for 19 years,” she said. “We have instructors who started off coming to day camps and are now teaching at the Feis. Instructor Meagan O’Handley will be teaching Gaelic at our local school. They’re proof that Gaelic is alive and well in Cape Breton.”...

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