Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Irlandalingvaj kaj Kimralingvaj Poŝtelefonoj

…de Inside Ireland:

Samsung has launched the world’s first Welsh language mobile phone, inspired by the success of its 'Gael Fón' in Ireland

The company, in partnership with operator Orange, will make its S5600 mobile phone available in Wales from 1 September. The phone offers all options in Welsh as well as predictive texting in the Celtic language

“This is another first for Samsung Mobile following the launch of the Irish language phone in 2008," Samsung vice president for UK and Ireland, Mark Mitchinson, said.

"That was enormously successful. The appetite is definitely there and we’re extremely proud and deeply honoured to be part of this ground-breaking initiative."

Samsung launched its Irish language enabled Tocco phone last year and has said it will include the 'Gael Fón' option on all new mobiles it launches in Ireland...

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