Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Kornvala kaj la Censo

Campaigners are stepping up their bid to have Cornish listed as a nationality in the 2011 census.
Thousands have joined the crusade online while MPs and councillors have pledged to lobby the Government to ensure people from Cornwall do not have their identity "swept aside just because they are small in number".

Under current plans, there will be no tick-box for people responding to the census to say they are "Cornish". Instead, they will have to tick "other" and then write in their response.

Critics say the omission will mean many people who consider themselves to be Cornish will not realise they can do this, and instead select one of the other options: English, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish or British.

In 2001, some 37,000 people recorded their nationality as Cornish, leading officials to assign the response a designated code for the first time…

…The issue of Cornish language and identity was "considered" by the Office of National Statistics but was "not included in the proposals for the 2011 census".

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