Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Robyn Lewis

…de la Daily Post:

A former archdruid has urged Assembly Ministers to ensure Welsh language television is available in all hotels in Wales.

Robyn Lewis of Nefyn said he has had several experiences of staying in hotels in Wales where S4C has not been available.

Until he complained during the recent Eisteddfod in Bala, he would not have been able to watch television highlights of the festival during the evening.

Mr Lewis said: “A number of us, Eisteddfodwyr all, stayed in a most comfortable hotel in the (Bala) area. Many of us, after a hard and enjoyable day on the Maes, like to relax and watch the Eisteddfod highlights on television in our rooms. But our hotel’s tv menu did not include S4C.

“When we asked for S4C we were told they’d not been asked to arrange it and that it couldn’t be done. We said that since we were in Wales it ought to be available as a matter of course. They apologised most graciously but we said we expected a substantial discount because of this inconvenience.

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