Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Brita Civito kaj Keltalingvoj la Press Association:

A Green Paper will propose that people who want to take UK nationality will have to prove a number of new requirements, and "earn" their citizenship.

The deal is expected to focus on learning the English language and obeying the law…

…The new "Path to Citizenship" Green Paper will focus on foreigners already living in Britain who want to become UK nationals, rather than on people outside Britain who are seeking to enter the country.

Under current rules, people taking British citizenship are required to take an oath of allegiance or a pledge at a public ceremony, and learn English, Welsh or Gaelic to certain standards.

They also have to pass a citizenship test, which contains questions about British traditions, government and laws..

The paper may look at introducing English language tests for migrants who arrive after marrying British citizens…

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