Friday, 1 February 2008


…de Ha’aretz:

The days of the Israeli ulpan are numbered. In recent months, the government has proposed transferring responsibility for immigrant Hebrew education from the Education Ministry to the Immigrant Absorption Ministry - a move that would lead to the privatization of Hebrew education for newcomers, perhaps as early as mid-2009. ..

…The teaching methods of the ulpan system have been studied extensively by language teachers from other countries, and have also served as a model for the revival of lost languages in places like Catalonia, New Zealand and Wales, where beginning language courses are known as "
Wlpan" in Welsh.

"The ulpan is something we have been building for the last 60 years," says Dina Koren, a teacher in Tel Aviv's municipal Ulpan Gordon. "From when the state was first established, we emphasized one country with one language," she continues, noting that, "Ulpan is much, much more than language - it is a treasure of culture.

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