Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Festo de Sankta Patriko 2008

St. Patrick's Day celebrations have come a long way from the days of the half-hearted parade with a couple of dodgy floats and some frost-bitten cheerleaders. In fact, the celebrations have come a long way since St. Patrick's Day was just a day! After all, why limit yourself to 24 hours of national pride when you can make a whole festival of it? And this year, the folks behind the St. Patrick's Festival have pulled out all the stops to bring us the most spectacular celebrations to date, with five days of fun-packed events for catering for everyone from the tiniest of tots to your granny's granny, if she can make it along!...

...Speaking of music, where would the St. Patrick's Festival without performances from some of Irelands top acts? This year,
Kila and Mary Black are set to thrill festival audiences with exclusive performances on St. Patrick's day.

There'll also be a fantastic series of Irish language events, promoting the use of the Irish language amongst visitors and residents in fun and novel settings. Participants can join in workshops, tours, gigs, and film suitable for all ages (and, maybe more importantly, ALL LEVELS OF IRISH)!...

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