Wednesday, 20 February 2008

“La Irlandalingvo estas malpraktika” ~ Aer Lingus la Irish Post:

Aer Lingus has banned staff from giving in-flight announcements in Irish on flights to and from Belfast as they feel the messages take up too much of the crew’s time.

Although Ireland’s national carrier could not confirm just how long that is, stating “onboard announcements in different languages vary in length” they have also removed the use of Scots Ulster, a tongue widely used in counties in the North of Ireland, from their in-flight messages.

An Aer Lingus spokesperson said: “In relation to our new base at Belfast, we looked at the operational requirements of onboard announcements and decided that it would be operationally impractical to deliver announcements in English, Irish and Ulster Scots and so the decision was taken to make announcements in English.”…

…Are you a regular passenger on Aer Lingus’ Belfast route? If so we would love to hear your opinions on the language ban. Contact the newsroom on 020 8735 9415.

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