Monday, 11 February 2008

Fox, Swallow, Scarecrow

…de la Irish Independent:

And so to Fox, Swallow, Scarecrow, in which Eilis Ni Dhuibhne's Anna is Anna Kelly Sweeney, a yummy-mummy children's author living in south county Dublin with her son, Rory, and well-intentioned, hard-working husband, Alex. Alex's wealth has allowed nice-but-dim Anna to float through a cosseted life of book launches and lunches and au pairs, largely untouched by its dark side -- but bored, too.

Enter journalist Vincy Erikson, with whom Anna falls in lust and calls it love. They start meeting in the poorer Dublin suburbs and Anna stupidly assumes no-one knows of their affair, even after they come across Irish-language-poetry publisher Leo Kavanagh in a pub. Callous Vincy hasn't changed his lifestyle one whit for his lover (unlike Vronsky, who made sacrifices for his Anna) and has no long-term intentions -- not even when she falls pregnant and wants to leave Alex.

The other romance in Fox, Swallow, Scarecrow is even more implausible. When vegetarian Gaelgeoir environmentalist Leo Kavanagh (Tolstoy's Levin) decides he needs a wife to break the monotony of cottage life in a Co Kerry valley, he singles out Kate Murphy (the Kitty equivalent), a cocaine-snorting, anorexic workaholic. Kate and Vincy were casually dating…

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