Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Letero al Continental Airlines

13ú Feabhra, 2008

Mr. Larry Kellner, CEO
Continental Airlines
1600 Smith Street
Houston, Texas 77002

Dear Mr. Kellner:

For various reasons, more travelers are choosing
Continental for flights to points in Ireland, whether Dublin, Shannon or Belfast.

According to the
2000 US Census, 25,870 Irish-language speakers live in the United States. I would suspect that many of us travel to Ireland with some frequency.

It would be viewed as an enhancement in service and kind gesture if Continental Airlines were to include on-board announcements in
Irish for such flights, both upon departure and arrival, in both directions.

While it is perfectly understandable that live announcements would be difficult given changes in flight crew personnel, recorded announcements aboard Continental flights would be most welcomed by many in the Irish-speaking community.

Other airlines use such recording in response to the language problem on international flights and they usually work quite well.

Please consider this approach for your airline.

The Irish Government’s language office, Foras na Gaeilge would be quite able and willing to direct you to high quality services in this regard.

They can be reached at Foras na Gaeilge, 7 Merrion Square,Dublin 2, Ireland. [telephone: 011-353-1850 325 325]. Visit their website at

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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