Friday, 15 February 2008

Parado, Flugkompanio kaj Gazeto la blogo, From the Balcony, de Máirtín Ó Muilleoir:

But rather than stem the rising tide of interest in Irish, the minister is only adding to its support. Tomorrow I'll join thousands of others on the Pobal multicultural parade to Writers Square in central Belfast to support the battle for an Irish Language Act. Since it was promised by the Brits and is now being blocked for clearly sectarian reasons, the ball must be back in the British PM's court. (We set out from Cultúrlann at 1pm.)
Anyhow, no sooner had Edwin solved Norn Iron's Irish speaking problem than New Yorker Daithí Mac Lochlainn has dispatched a letter to Continental urging its chief executive to include Irish greetings on their Newark-Belfast service. Maith an fear.
Meanwhile, our Welsh cousins have walked away from the offer of £200,000 per annum to produce a daily newspaper in p-Celtic. The editor-in-waiting has now resigned as the organisers return to square one. Project pioneer Ned Thomas had applied for £600,000 and was told by the Plaid Cyrmu Culture minister he'd have to make do with £200,000 — which, the minister pointed out is what Lá Nua get. Ned correctly concluded that with £200,000, he'd be £100,000 out of pocket by year end.

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