Thursday, 21 February 2008

Irlandalingva Tajpilo por Tom Hanks? la Belfast Telegraph:

When Hollywood star Tom Hanks sends word to Northern Ireland Screen that he will be in Belfast next autumn for the premiere of his blockbuster City of Ember, it won't be by email or any other 21st Century form of communication.

Hanks, who once appeared in a movie called You Got Mail, which had to do with the internet and computer messages, will be writing his letter on a plain old fashioned typewriter.

In fact, if the Commission put themselves out and find an Irish language typewriter to present to the actor/producer at the screening next September, probably in the Waterfront, he will be delighted beyond words.

You see, Hanks is a typewriter collector and he goes nowhere without a portable on which to knocks out his correspondence.. He knows exactly where to get ribbons for each of his 80 machines which are his pride and joy. In fact he has typewriters that were manufactured in countries that no longer exist.

But I have checked and Tom definitely hasn't got an Irish language typewriter. So never mind Aer Lingus and its controversial language order to its cabin staff on the London-Belfast route - wouldn't it be lovely if someone could turn up such a keyboard for the man?

Oh yes, there are antique Irish typewriters out there. The Underwood company produced one unique to the Emerald Isle and there is a Royal Irish machine and both of them have Gaelic forms of the letters on their keyboards...

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