Thursday, 11 June 2009

"Adiaŭ la Kelta Tigro!" la Irish Times:

“The topic of the recession was widely anticipated and appeared as an essay: ‘Slán leis an Tíogar Ceilteach!’,” said Claire Grealy of the Institute of Education, Dublin. “An essay topic on US president Barack Obama was also welcomed. A very general essay topic, ‘The people and the things that were important to me as a teenager’ allowed candidates to use their imagination”, she said…

…Examiners could not resist their “annual spot of navel-gazing” with a number of questions featuring the Irish tongue as the subject, said one commentator.

“The subject of the Irish language itself was a theme throughout the paper; as a debate topic, and [it] also featured in the newspaper article question, in the form of an interview with a Gaelscoil principal,” said Claire Grealy.

“This theme also appeared in the comprehension section of the paper, referring to a new Gaeltacht created in Canada.”

Overall the paper was received very favourably by candidates, who were comfortable with the language used and the opportunities the questions presented….

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