Monday, 29 June 2009

Ĉu Dulingvaj Eventoj Mortigas la Kimralingvon? la Wester Mail:

Bilingualism is killing the Welsh language in its own heartlands, an academic has claimed.

Instead of helping Welsh to survive, the increasing prevalence of simultaneous translation facilities is having the opposite effect, says Dr Richard Glyn Roberts, a lecturer in the School of Gaelic and Celtic Studies at University College Dublin.

In a thought-provoking chapter in a new book about Wales published by the University of West Brittany, Dr Roberts – writing in French – argues that bilingualism amounts to little more than a gesture which paradoxically confirms the predominance of English.
Dr Roberts states: “The reality is that in a great number of meetings, the interpreter has nothing to do because Welsh speakers insist on speaking English in the presence of non-Welsh speakers – a fact that surprises no-one in view of the socio-cultural weight of the English language...

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