Saturday, 20 June 2009

Opra Cymru

…de la Western Mail:

Opera is performed throughout the world in many different languages – from Italian and German to English and Spanish.

But while Wales may be renowned as the Land of Song, it’s not often that you get opera classics staged in Welsh.

Patrick and Sioned Young are hoping to change all that with the birth of their new Welsh language opera company.

It will be launched with an afternoon concert tomorrow, which will feature eight soloists and an orchestra.

“We wanted to set up the company because there’s so much talent here in the Welsh language who don’t have a platform in their own language,” said Mr Young, an opera director who has worked with the Royal Opera House.

“People who speak Welsh have a tremendous love of opera but they don’t tend to go to the opera house. We thought that by staging opera in the Welsh language it would make it more accessible.”

The couple have been planning the company, Opra, for around a year...

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