Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Peticio por Evelyn Calcabrini

…de la Agence Bretagne Press:

Following the refusal to allow entry to a student of the Welsh language from Argentina into the UK in May 2009, a petition has been set up on the No. 10 Prime Minister's website calling for the Prime Minister of the UK to help preserve links with Patagonia.

The petition states:
« We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to make it absolutely clear to all the staff of the UK Border Agency that the United Kingdom consists of four nations and that the staff of the Agency should not damage Welsh links with Patagonia by refusing entry to people from Patagonia wishing to visit the Land of their Fathers. »

On 25th May 2009, Evelyn Calcabrini who lives in Chubut Valley, Patagonia, a Welsh speaking province of Argentina, was refused entry to the UK by the English Border Agency. Ms Calcabrini had made her way to the UK travelling for 35 hours from Patagonia to Buenos Aires to London, before being interviewed for several hours, only to be returned once again to Buenas Aires.

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