Monday, 10 March 2008

Ekskuzo de Aer Lingus Scotland on Sunday:

It’s a heck of a barney over the Blarney. Flights with Ireland's national airline have traditionally greeted passengers in both English and Irish Gaelic.

But now the Celtic salutation has been abandoned for Aer Lingus's new route to Belfast amid claims that a multi-lingual welcome would have to include

As part of the power-sharing agreement in Northern Ireland, Irish Gaelic and the dialect spoken by descendents of Scottish immigrants were awarded equal status.

As a result, there were calls for "Walcome tae Bilfawst" to be announced alongside "Welcome to Belfast" and "Failte go Beal Feirste".

A spokeswoman for Aer Lingus said the decision to remove Irish was made for operational reasons.


Damon Lord said...

En la hodiauxa sudkimruja Metro jxurnalo (pagxo 45), eldonita en Cardiff, oni trovas la sekvan tekston:

St Patrick's Day Blarney Wall

To mark this most Irish of days, on Friday 14 March Metro Dublin will be printing a special 4 page, St Patrick's Day Blarney Wall within the newspaper. The wall will display your personal messages to friends and family back in Dublin.

To e-mail you message please send to
Your message should be no more than 50 words and can be written in English or Irish. Please include your full name and where you are from.

sponsored by:
Enjoy your flight

Do, evidente en Irelando (en Dublino) Aer Lingus ja subtenas la irlandan lingvon, kaj en Nordirlando ne.

Daithí said...

Dankon, Damon!