Monday, 24 March 2008


…de la Telegraph:

As a practice, it might be on the march. But it took half an hour to work out the description. Twuncers: what could it mean? Initially, it seemed that there was something missing in the translation - maybe this was a disparaging Welsh language term for the English, a cross between… I'll leave it to your linguistic imagination. But it turned out that Twuncer, the new scourge of Pembrokeshire, and anywhere else with scenic walks, refers to "two or more walkers using non-essential cars".

Not the most accurate of acronyms, perhaps, but undoubtedly easier to say than Tomwunec. Sociological categories defined by their initial letters have been part of our common vocabulary since the days of the hippie, the yippy, the yuppie and the buppy. Every type of income group has subsequently been gifted its own shorthand...

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