Tuesday, 25 March 2008

La Karamaĝongalingvo

...de la Africa News:

John Wilson, a Scot, reveals from his research that the language of the Karamojong contains words that are similar to or identical with and have identical or related meanings with Scots Gaelic, Spanish and the Tibetan of the Indian sub-continent, among others.

“There is no doubt that mankind spoke a common language at a certain time. The research I have done proves beyond any doubt that through language Africa shared the same cultural beginning as the rest of the world,” Wilson says.

Wilson says Karimojong, the language of the Karamojong, a Nilotic people that live in North-East Uganda and have close cultural and linguistic ties with the Turkana of Kenya, Topossa of Southern Sudan and the Dongiro of South-West Ethiopia, has the same linguistic connection with those of other languages....

... The corresponding similarity, he says, can be found between Karimojong, on the one hand, and Asian languages like Hebrew and Sumerian and European ones like Spanish and Gaelic, on the other....

....Similarly, Karimojong words such as abaal (a wide-mouthed beer pot), abichir (kind of small pot), and atako (vessel for storing ghee) respectively correspond with Gaelic words Ballan (a drinking vessel), Biceir (beaker) and Tacar (kitchen).

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Damon Lord said...

To be honest I think it's baloney to suggest a link.

Here's the URL for an interesting article about supposed linguistic coincidences