Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Úna Quinn la Mayo News:

Úna Quinn is easy to describe, but impossible to define. A retiree. A mother and grandmother. A widow. A Gaeilgeoir. An academic. A musician. A teacher. So many attributes – and yet none which fully captures her.

When you talk to this Westport woman, it’s best to leave your stereotypes and preconceptions at the door, because you won’t be needing them. Úna Quinn is more than the sum of the parts that have made up her life. And what an interesting and fulfilled life it has been….

…One of the ‘vibes’ picked up by the young Úna was a love for the Irish language – and it has remained a constant thread in her life ever since.

“We were reared through Irish and spoke Irish all the time at home. My mother got first place in her training college when she was leaving because of her standard of Irish and, as a result, though she was trained as a primary school teacher, she was offered a teaching post in the training college in Tourmakeady, which she took and where she remained for her career,” recalls Úna...

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