Friday, 7 March 2008

Skotagaelalingvo en Nov-Skotio la John O’Groat Journal:

…Beth Legg, one of Scotland's top contemporary jewellers, has been selected by pupils from Dalbrae Academy in Nova Scotia to come and work with them, while at the same time Ardnamurchan High School pupils have invited Kelly Krawchuck, who is a multidisciplinary crafter as well as a student of Gaelic language, folklore and biology from Cape Breton, to join them during May and June.…

…Gaelic is an integral part of the project and the makers will be encouraged to further extend their language skills by using Gaelic wherever possible….

…"I hope it will allow me to focus on narratives from the shared Gaelic heritage and craft traditions of Nova Scotia and the Highlands. Most importantly, it will give me the unique opportunity to become part of a community that has strong links to the place where I grew up and I'm really looking forward to it."

Councillor Hamish Fraser, chairman of the council's Gaelic committee, said: "I'm very pleased that through the Memorandum of Understanding partnership between the council and the province of Nova Scotia, we are able to run such an innovative exchange residency, especially as it contains many elements for which the council is responsible, such as Gaelic, crafts/arts and exhibitions…

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