Monday, 10 March 2008

Mark Macneill la Glace Bay Gleaner:

Calling himself a decentralist, Macneill questioned the logic of the provincial government in placing the Gaelic Affairs office in Antigonish when Cape Breton has such strong cultural and historical ties to the language. MacNeill’s two children, Donovan and Skye, both speak Gaelic and entertained the group with some Gaelic singing.

Donovan Macneill would be a familiar face to those who saw the award-winning Gaelic short film The Wake of Calum MacLeod, which was filmed in Cape Breton and was nominated for a Genie Award this year.

In closing Macneill said, “I think this island has been so underserved in terms of the representation we need in Ottawa that I am asking Rodger Cuzner to resign his seat. We’re not going to have the next election until October 2009 and we can’t wait that long. Do you know how much Cape Bretoners will need before then? So if he’s not going to go and start fighting for more resources for our island, [he should] resign.”

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