Saturday, 29 March 2008

Kimra Au Pair la Western Mail:
parent is Welsh, the other is Spanish, but they speak French to each other.

Meanwhile, their one-year-old son speaks Spanish to his mother, Welsh to his father, attends a Dutch creche and will also need to learn French and English as he grows up.

And the multilingual family is now looking for a Welsh-speaking au pair to go and live with them in their Brussels home for a year to look after young Aran Iago ab Dafydd Hernandez.

The successful applicant will get a room in a nearby flat, an allowance, a Brussels metro ticket, a course in Spanish or Flemish and the chance to spend a month in Bolivia, which the family visits once a year.

The job is being offered by Dafydd ab Iago – a journalist from Abergavenny who has lived in the Belgian capital since 1995, when he attended Universite Libre de Bruxelles – and his partner Ana Hernandez.

Himself able to speak Welsh, French, Spanish, Esperanto, German and Flemish, Mr ab Iago, 39, said it was important his son grew up speaking Welsh.

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