Saturday, 22 March 2008

Dankon, Continental!

March 22, 2008
Mr. John Mowad
Continental Airlines / Dept. HQSEO
1600 Smith Street
Houston, Texas 77002

re: L3593794

Dear Mr. Mowad:

Thank you for your kind
response to my letter regarding the possibility of Irish-language announcements aboard Ireland-bound Continental Airlines flights. I look forward to further response from your Senior Management teams.

In your letter, you mentioned Shannon and Dublin Airports. One would hope that Belfast flights would also be considered. Belfast is the home of a vibrant Irish-speaking community and boasts of its own Gaeltacht Quarter.

Here, I would recommend that, for Belfast flights, Ulster Scots announcements accompany those in Irish. Short, and even recorded, announcements in both languages would be perfectly feasible and even welcomed by many.

I am certain that the
Ulster Scots Agency would be happy to help in this regard, just as Foras na Gaeilge would be able to do so with Irish.

As you may know,
Highland Airways even offers online booking services through three languages, English, Scots Gaelic and Welsh. Continental Airlines may want to consider this further step in improving service.

Many businesses are discovering the benefits of using Irish. The annual
Barr 50 (Top 50) awards are indicative of this and often include companies based outside of Ireland.

It would be exciting to see (and hear!) Continental Airlines services provided as Gaeilge!

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