Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Emblemo por la Skotgaelalingvo la Stornoway Gazette:

Would a 'Logo' help to promote Gaelic?

We hear much about the costs incurred by businesses and projects in creating or renewing logos and mottos e.g. the London Olympics (did any one make sense of their logo after £400,000 was spent to create it?). Lothian and Borders Police have now spent £120,000 on a new logo which they hope will make their staff and vehicles more identifiable and amenable to the public.

I am not sure that it was necessary to replace the old logo at such a cost to the public purse. Some members of the public said they would have preferred to see four more bobbies on the beat. However, it brought to mind a thought that perhaps a logo could be beneficial to the promotion of Gaelic…

… The Ulpan courses for Gaelic learners have started in Edinburgh and according to reports, they are in great demand…

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