Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Tamilalingvo kaj Keltalingvoj

...de la Daily News (Sri-Lanko):

The Celts, by the middle ages were driven to the fringes by the Vikings, the Normans and the Anglo Saxons. The Anglo Saxons ultimately occupied England. The language spoken in England was English. The language spoken in Cornwall was Cornish, the language spoken in Wales was Welsh, the language spoken in Scotland was Gaelic. The language in Ireland was Erse, a form of Gaelic.

Britain came into existence with the Act of Union of 1707 by which England was united with Scotland. By this time, England had already occupied Wales and Cornwall. United Kingdom came into existence with the merger or Ireland and Britain in 1801.

The English destroyed the Welsh language, Cornish language and Gaelic language spoken by the Irish and the Scots...
...In Sri Lanka, Tamil is an official language. As stated earlier, there was no discrimination. Unlike the English who erased the Gaelic, the Cornish and the Welsh languages from their country, the Sinhalese never attempted to erase Tamil as a language used in the country.

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