Monday, 7 April 2008

An bhFuil Cead Agam?

…de la Irish Film & Television Network:

Mind the Gap Films has launched a nationwide search for participants for their latest documentary series ‘An Bhfuil Cead Agam’. Producers want children to nominate their parents and “turn the tables on the annual Irish bootcamp” by sending them to the Gaeltacht.

For one week in July five men and five women will be banned from talking English, will have to work out shower rosters, soothe their blistered feet after an overly energetic Céilí and be in bed by 10pm, all under the strict supervision of a seasoned Bean an Tí.

Along the way they’ll be expected, like everyone else at the Gaeltacht, to learn a lot of Irish in a very short space of time. The cameras will be there 24/7, exposing the goody two shoes who never steps out of line and the rebels who try to sneak out to the pub at every turn…

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