Thursday, 17 April 2008

Kimralingva Eduko la Western Mail:

Welsh Higher Education is facing both a challenge and opportunity in the creation of structures and provision to enable students to study part of their degree programme through the medium of Welsh.

Universities and colleges across the higher education sector in Wales have been working together for more than a year through a network supported by the Higher Education Funding Council and organised by Higher Education Wales. This network allows us all to develop a shared understanding of the demand and to plan strategically to respond to that demand.

The changes in the education system across Wales during the past 30 years have led to a generation of young people who have received a significant proportion of their primary and secondary education in the Welsh language…

...As a consequence of a planned strategic approach to bilingual study, we saw at Bangor University a 20% increase in the level of Welsh-medium study in 2006-07, which is an unprecedented increase in an academic year.

This increase would not have been possible without the active support of the heads of colleges, the team that support the bilingual Blackboard platform and the planning office.

A team effort and strategic ownership at Bangor University is making a significant contribution to creating a highly- qualified bilingual work force in Wales.

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