Monday, 28 April 2008

Bretona kaj Kornvala Lingvoj por Skybus?

29 Mys Ebrel, 2008

Mr. Jeff Marston
Isles of Scilly Steamship Group
Chi an Gorholyon-Tan
Stret an Kay
Pensans TR18 4BZ

Dear Sir:

I am both heartened and intrigued by a recent newspaper article in which you cited your Welsh-language website for Skybus.

This certainly reflected a forward-thinking vision on the part of your organization.

Indeed one wishes that more of your competitors, as well as organizations in other industries within the private sector would emulate you in this regard.

Given the Skybus serves Brittany and that your headquarters are based in Cornwall, have you ever considered expanding into the Breton and Cornish languages?

I am certain that Ofis ar Brezhoneg ( and the Cornish Language Partnership ( would be able to assist you with Breton and Cornish respectively.

Again, I commend and thank you for your company’s recognition of the place of the Welsh language.


Thomas said...

Ho, tial vi volis tiujn tradukojn!

Daithí said...

Jes, Thomas!