Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Irlandalingvo en Oksfordo la Oxford Mail:

A new community group is being formed, aimed at keeping the Irish Gaelic language alive and well in Oxford.

Posters have been pinned up in pubs and supermarkets and organisers are keen to get the group established as soon as possible.

Dublin-born Loretta Plunkett, 76, has lived in Oxford since 1991.

She told the Oxford Mail she used to attend Irish language classes in the city, but that several years ago numbers dwindled and the classes stopped.

For years she has travelled to her homeland for three or four weeks annually, to keep up to scratch by staying with an Irish-speaking family...

But - along with friend and fellow Irishman Barry O'Riordan - she has set her sights on starting up a new Irish conversation group in her adopted city. About 3,000 Irish people are thought to live in Oxford.

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