Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The Cyber Miracles

...de WSKG/Off the Page:

"The Cyber Miracles" by Mary Pat Hyland opens with a scene of apprehension and glamorous excitement in New York City, turns from a silly misfortune to a personal tragedy and then whips its protagonist through incidents that are both trying and comical before settling into themes of genuine religious experience.
All this happens with an Irish lilt and, for readers in New York's Southern Tier, a strong sense of local color.

Hyland's protagonist Maeve Kenny is a Binghamton girl who has found her dream job with the New York office of an Irish public relations firm called Clú (the name is Irish Gaelic for "renown" - there is a Gaelic glossary in the back of the book).
Maeve is also dating a handsome soap opera actor and seems to be enjoying Irish luck when a foolish mistake costs her the job. She parts company with good Irish friends and goes back to her old hometown.

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