Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Njanĝa kaj Gaelaj Lingvoj la Nyasa Times:

The statement "No to Chichewa in the North" by some overzealous northerners as reported in the media is quite unfortunate, though I wondered what prompted them to make such an unfortunate statement…

…Looking at the interpretation or misinterpretation of our constitution in recent times it will not be surprising one day to see somebody say, "The constitution says that Chichewa is the national language of Malawi and therefore the other languages are illegal."

For the time being we can not do away with English which is our official language, by the way, is English incorporated in our constitution as Malawi’s official language?

To speak ones mother’s tongue is not necessarily being tribalistic especially when speaking to somebody who understands that language, sometimes diversity must be appreciated. In fact there is revival for the study of Gaelic languages in Britain….

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