Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Colm O’Snodaigh

…de la Irish Voice:

One of the most exciting bands to come out of Ireland in many a decade is Kila. They are traditional musicians with an almost pagan disregard for the genre, throwing rain sticks, bongo pattering and other international textures into their Irish stew.

It’s a thrill each time one of them steps away from the pack, and the new release from Colm O’Snodaigh, Giving, is no exception. He trades in the tribal textures for a good old-fashioned acoustic guitar for his first solo album since 1994...

…He even recruits Lisa Hannigan for this project. I almost thought she joined the witness protection program since leaving the company of Damien Rice last year. Over a watery guitar, she sings a beautiful Gaelic coupling on “Uaireannta” and adds a subtle vocal brush stroke on “Rol On-Roll On.” There is a restless element of percussion in the title track that complements Hannigan’s lo-fi humming perfectly.

Like the best work of Kila, the choice of Gaelic singing on half of the tracks adds a primeval texture to the songs. Gaelic has its share of harsh and awkward phrasing, but in these sparse arrangements the words are allowed to breathe and expose a poetic beauty to the language.

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