Friday, 11 April 2008

Bretonalingvo kaj la Franca Respubliko

…de la Turkish Daily News:

From that point on, the French Republic initiated a long war against the “non-French” languages and cultures – a policy which lasted until very recently, and whose traces arguably still survive.

The basic idea behind “national education” in France has been the eradication of plurality.

After 1918, the use of German in Alsace-Lorraine would be outlawed. In 1925, Anatole de Monzie, minister of public education, declared, "For the linguistic unity of France, the Breton language must disappear."

Only in 1964 the French government would allow Breton on regional television – and only for one and a half minutes.

Yet even in 1972, President Georges Pompidou would autocratically announce, “There is no place for the regional languages and cultures in a France that intends to mark Europe deeply."

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