Thursday, 31 January 2008

Celtan la Jerusalem Post:

Guy Kark has been mixing things for quite some time. The "things" in question are a multitude of musical strands from cultures around the world which he, and harpist wife Iris Eyal, have incorporated in a string of albums they have put out over the last 13 years.

Their Between Times group, for example, has recorded songs with seasoning from the Middle East, Greece, Spain, Ireland and other parts of the globe…

… The Irish theme runs through much of Celtan, but there are other inflections and colors in there too. Considering the geographic spread and cultural nuances embraced by the Celtic world, that is hardly surprising. "The Celtic culture not only included Ireland and Scotland, but you also find it in Brittany, in northern France, and in Galicia in Spain. That also has an influence on the way the music is played and sung."

Fittingly, Celtan includes a track in Breton - the indigenous language of Brittany - called "Tri Martolod" (Three Sailors)...

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