Thursday, 10 January 2008

La Irlandalingva Dissenda Fonduso la blogo, From the Balcony, de Máirtín Ó Muilleoir:

“In a move which puts DUP hostility to the Irish language above community economic interests, Minister Poots is to end funding for the Irish Language Broadcast Fund which is backing our fledgling film industry. This will be a tragedy for those now employed in the emerging film-making industry in the North. Thanks to the Fund, around 40 jobs have been created and secured in this crucial cultural sector. That success story is now threatened by the narrow-minded approach of Minister Poots.

There is no doubt that this mugging of the Irish language jobs sector will appall those attending the proposed economic conference, especially those from Irish America, who are being told by the old sectarian policies of the past have been left behind by the DUP. As the publisher of the Irish Echo in New York, Irish America’s biggest newspaper which is campaigning for increased US investment in the North, I am continually asked if the DUP is committed to fair economic development. Actions like that of Minister Poots make it difficult to answer that question positively…”

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