Friday, 11 January 2008

Kanada Subvencio por la Skotgaelalingvo la Canadian Press:

The Gaelic Council of Nova Scotia has been awarded $39,000 to help put recordings of those fluent in the ancient tongue on the internet.

A recent project that made video recordings of Gaelic speakers talking about a variety of everyday topics, will form a large part of the completed website.

The money from the Department of Canadian Heritage, combined with $8,100 awarded earlier by the provincial Office of Gaelic Affairs, will allow for the production of a series of professionally filmed interviews.

It is estimated that while thousands of Nova Scotians spoke the language 100 years ago only about 500 retain the knowledge today, primarily in Cape Breton.

The website will also showcase two important collections produced by the Highland Village Museum.

The project is intended to provide an overview to the world of Gaelic Nova Scotia, as related by modern-day tradition-bearers through their native language.

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