Monday, 14 January 2008

“Sektarismo” la BBC:

The education minister has attacked a member of the DUP saying her attitude to the Irish language is "sectarian".

Catriona Ruane said Michelle McIlveen should "move with the times"...
… Ms McIlveen then asked the education minister: "How can she justify pouring yet more money into a sector which caters for just a few hundred people and financing capital projects for schools with enrolments as little as six?"

Her question prompted an angry response from Ms Ruane.

She said: "Everytime we come in here to talk about Irish language, Ms McIlveen and some, not all, but some of her party colleagues continue along this line.

"I absolutely reject that our department wastes money on Irish language.

"Children who go through the Irish medium system have the same rights as children who go through the English medium. I would ask Ms McIlveen... to move with the times."

Last October, the DUP Culture Minister Edwin Poots said he was opposed to the introduction of an Irish Language Act.

Mr Poots told the Northern Ireland Assembly that "compelling costs" were among the reasons he was against the act.

The Irish Language Act was promised to Sinn Fein by the then Prime Minister Tony Blair at the St Andrew's talks in 2006.

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